I'm Tierra Carter

Tierra is a registered dietitian/nutritionist consultant who helps people in their transition from inpatient treatment for their eating disorder to a more independent outpatient setting using a non-dieting, lifelong-sustaining approach.


She is founder and CEO of NutriRev, a TeleHealth agency that serves anyone from looking to nourish their bodies and build a better relationship with food. She has personally managed to improve her lipids, blood pressure, relationship with food and find a stable weight without obsessing over what she eats.


Now she is taking the tools and processes that she typically uses to bring her clients results and is teaching you how to get these results for yourself.


Learn to eat mindfully and optimally with evidence-based principles that will make you feel a new and freeing feeling of confidence in yourself. You’ll be energized and become in tune with your body. You’ll feel comfortable in your skin. You’ll know that you are fueling yourself optimally and you won’t have to feel overwhelmed with what you eat like a part time job. You can eat mindfully, not obsessively.



So, if you want to:

  • Escape the diet trap

  • Feel confident in yourself

  • Nourish your body optimally for your individual needs

  • Stop obsessing about what you eat

  • Stop obsessing about your weight

Click on the button below to watch a free training video on how to do so.