Should You Take Supplements for The Best Results?

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed at the supplement shops, vitamin shoppe, GNC, etc....

There are so many options out there. How do you know what is best for your needs? The ingredients look like gibberish and you don't know what half of them actually are?

Stop guessing.

Stop relying on the staff, family, friends, and other athletes who have no former education, or complete understanding on supplements and their effects on the body.

You have probably been told that the best supplements will make you a beast, but you're still confused on whether that means you should buy:

Whey protein

Vegan protein






the list goes on right!

These thoughts are focused on tools, not the priority. The hierarchy of nutrition for olympic and powerlifters focuses on supplements as the last priority. Supplements should not actually be used to supplement food.

Food First! Supplements should be used to COMPLIMENT your existing diet with energy, macronutrients, micronutrients, hydration, timing of nutrition, stress factors: sleep, relationships, attitude FIRST.

Can supplements be a great tool for olympic and powerlifters? YES! I encourage it!

Should they replace good diet, sleep, and lack of energy? Absolutely NOT! Are some supplements better for you than others? Hells YEAH! But you have to prioritize.

Once you figure out everything else, it will be easy to figure out what supplements would benefit you.

If you found this to be helpful and you're ready to actually start using supplements as a great tool for new PRs and feeling great every training session, watch a free training video I've put together for you:


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